Eco friendly

GoalGreen is a project that aims at global sustainability.

Special attention is paid to:

  • Recycling
  • Energy consumption
  • Environmental impact
GoalGreen je projekt, který si klade za cíl globální udržitelnost.


GoalGreen minimizes the production of upstream waste by carefully choosing packaging and materials. However, it focuses on thorough recycling, with meticulous, rigorous separate waste collection. The goal is to reduce the annual volume of mixed waste by 20% and to identify the best methods of recycling, transport and disposal through a selected supply chain. What is garbage for some, it is a resource for GoalGreen.

Some GoalGreen formulas contain active ingredients obtained from special processing of food industry by-products. Through an enzymatic extraction process, active ingredients with targeted functions are obtained, in which biological synergy maximizes the value of the molecules, thus optimizing their effects. Where present, these special ingredients inspired by the circular economy are referred to as “by-product”.


There is formula and formula, and our minimal formulas have been designed to minimize the energy needed to produce and distribute them. But we know that this is not enough. Thus, the manufacturing company has equipped itself with a next generation photovoltaic system that covers approximately 800 square meters of its roofs. The energy needs of the entire line are thus largely satisfied. GoalGreen cares about the energy of the planet, which must be enough for us and, above all, for the future green generation!

Cosmoproject – the parent company of GoalGreen products – has equipped itself with a next generation photovoltaic system covering approximately 800 square meters of its roofs, equal to 10% of the total area. In this way, it amply satisfies the energy needs of the entire GoalGreen line, self-producing 7% of the global annual energy of the entire plant. The company has also activated a consumption reduction project through an automated LED lighting system, and a monitoring system that controls temperature and humidity, activating when necessary. In other words, low consumption light and heat only where needed. Consumption has been extensively reduced with this strategy. The great pride of Cosmoproject is the very precious deionized water. Its consumption has been drastically reduced (-20%) in the last two years.


It takes more than an earth and a half to meet our huge demand for resources. Changing our green footprint is not only important, but necessary. As we often hear, there is no “planet b” to ask for help. And it is true that daily choices can make a difference. For this reason, GoalGreen offers products designed to have the minimum environmental impact. The formula, the packaging and the materials that tell them are all eco-friendly and sustainable. Without compromises. In a few months, GoalGreen will also have its small forest with Treedom, to give back to the environment what has been received.

Circular economy

According to the definition of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation circular economy «is a generic term to defin an economy designed to be able to regenerate itself. In a circular economy, two different types of flows of materials are involved: the biological ones, capable of being reintegrated into the biosphere, and the technical ones, destined to be put to good use again without entering the biosphere». The circular economy is therefore an economic system planned to reuse materials in subsequent production cycles, thus minimizing waste. The metal packaging industry is the perfect example of a circular economy. A metal product never knows the true end because it is never lost or thrown away. Its value is kept forever through recycling. It is available today and for future generations.

Cirkulární ekonomika