Minimum impact
on the environment

Solid cosmetics

GoalGreen solid cosmetics are handcrafted and boast a formula similar to that of liquid products, but without water. They save the planet the equivalent of 2 250 ml bottles of traditional product and related packaging. An eco-friendly and plastic-free choice.


GoalGreen accessories prefer raw materials to replace plastic, to avoid environmental pollution, and they opt for alternative solutions to wood, in order to prevent deforestation. They are safe and skin-friendly, fully respecting the environment!

Cirkulární ekonomika



Eco friendly


Natural ingredients, biodegradability, minimal formulas

Nature lies in the heart and in the head with GoalGreen.

The selection of the ingredients that make up each single formula is focused on the maximum index of naturalness and on minimizing the impact of the product.

Not only that: formulations are deliberately minimal, against any waste starting from the concept.


Eco friendly packaging and plastic reduction

Plastic? Better not, thanks.

GoalGreen packaging is planet-friendly and uses only recyclable materials.

Among which aluminum stands out, which can be recycled indefinitely and considered a permanent raw material. How to do without it?


Sustainable, ethical production

If we want our footprint to be very small, the respect for everything around us must be great: people, animals, plants, habitats, ecosystems.

Leaving the world as we found it, or making it a better place: this is what we mean by sustainability!


GoalGreen is partner of Treedom, a startup that deals with tree planting around the world. Click below to find out more about the GoalGreen Forest.